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Colors are the smiles of nature.

by Karine Desrosiers on mars 1, 2014 , 34 210 comments

Since then he had been skulking along towards Maybury, in the hope of getting out of danger Londonward. People were hiding in trenches and cellars, and many of the survivors had made off towards Woking village and Send. He had been consumed with thirst until he found one of the water mains near the railway arch smashed, and the water bubbling out like a spring upon the road.

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Karine DesrosiersColors are the smiles of nature.

Good design is really good business.

by Jean-François Laflèche on janvier 31, 2014 , 13 341 comments

Articles no less passionate than logical appeared on the question, for geography is one of the pet subjects of the English; and the columns devoted to Phileas Fogg’s venture were eagerly devoured by all classes of readers. At first some rash individuals, principally of the gentler sex, espoused his cause, which became still more popular when the Illustrated London News came out with his portrait, copied from a photograph in the Reform Club. A few readers of the Daily Telegraph even dared to say, « Why not, after all? Stranger things have come to pass.« 

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Jean-François LaflècheGood design is really good business.